AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card and Prepaid MasterCard provide a safe and easy way to pay bills, send money and purchase goods and services.

Shopping and Making Purchases

You can use your AccountNow prepaid card to withdraw money or make purchases everywhere Visa debit cards or Debit MasterCard is accepted. Your prepaid card can be used to shop online or purchase goods and services at millions of retail stores across the United States or internationally. Use your prepaid card to reserve car rentals, hotels, motels, and airline tickets (merchant restrictions may apply) or pay your bills online for free (for standard processing).

Bill Pay Overview

Paying bills with your AccountNow prepaid account is fast, easy, convenient, and guaranteed. Pay your bills online or over the phone. You can even use our online Bill Pay feature to setup one time or recurring payments to anyone within the United States. Enjoy the security of Bill Pay. You don't need to carry cash, checks or money orders with you to pay bills in person. Best of all, it’s free for standard processing.

How Bill Pay Works

To begin using Bill Pay, you will need to add a payee to your Bill Pay account. To add a payee, simply fill in the payee’s information, including their name, address, and the account number listed on the bill, if available. Once the information is filled out, all you need to do is add them to your personalized list of payees and you can begin setting up a payment.

Bill Pay sends money from your prepaid account electronically or through the mail. If your payee accepts Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), you can have payments sent electronically. By paying electronically, you can guarantee your payment will be delivered fast and securely.

If your payee doesn’t except EFTs, AccountNow will issue and send a check drawn from your prepaid account. The check will include your payee’s information and address, alleviating any inconvenience you would incur from sending the check yourself. And guess what? No more stamps! We do this for you for free.

Upon request, AccountNow will email you a confirmation email when your payment is sent. For an electronic payment, you will receive a payment confirmation email when the electronic payment is initiated. For a paper check, you will receive a payment confirmation email when your check is cut and mailed. You can also view a report of current and past payments by logging onto your prepaid account.

Benefits of Bill Pay

It’s Convenient.
With Bill Pay you don’t have to leave your home to pay your bills. Payments can be sent by phone or online. By using Bill Pay to pay all your bills, you no longer have to wait in long lines at check cashing centers to buy money orders or inconvenience yourself with going to the post office to mail your payments.

It’s Fast.
Sending money through Bill Pay only takes a few minutes. If you send your payment electronically through EFT, your payment will be received within a few days. If your payment is sent by a check, allow 5 business days for delivery.

It’s Easy.
To setup a payment, all you need to provide is who and where you would like your payment sent. Also, you can schedule recurring payments so that you will never have to worry about remembering bill due dates. Payments can be setup for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or every few months, helping eliminate the possibility of late charges.

It’s Free.
Bill Pay is free for standard processing. Also, by using Bill Pay to pay your bills you eliminate having to pay for money orders or stamps.

It’s Guaranteed.
Since AccountNow keeps track of all your payments processed through Bill Pay, you can rest assured your payment is guaranteed to be sent. When a payment is sent, AccountNow will email you a confirmation that your payment was successfully processed. You no longer have to worry about losing your cash payment on your way to the check cashing center.

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